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The Winnipeg Circus Club is a group dedicated to supporting and developing the circus arts community in Manitoba. We strive to build and grow a safe, rich, and vibrant performance community by offering a diverse array of services to our members, introducing new people to the world of circus skills, and bringing performers and audiences together. We welcome participants of all ages and skill levels to learn and share with us, so don’t be shy: Join us at our next meet and see for yourself what we have to offer!

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The CCCAC is a diverse group of jugglers, acrobats, balancers, hula-hoopers, unicyclists, and fire manipulators of many ages and skill levels. We have joined together to establish regular practice space, mentorship, and a yearly circus showcase. We are not all professional performers, but we think that life-long skills are established by performing and so we encourage our members to show off as much as possible.  We operate as a registered non-profit organization with a volunteer board of directors.  We are registered as “The Central Canadian Circus Arts Club” but refer to ourselves but the shorter (and easier to remember) “Winnipeg Circus Club”.

The Winnipeg Circus Club expects all of its members and affiliates to adhere to its three-point code of conduct to the best of their ability.

Respect our members and organizational team. Respect the equipment and space.
Respect the local businesses that have been generous enough to give us discounts.
If you want respect, you must give respect.

Remember: You are responsible for your own and others’ safety. Always be aware of the people and space around you. Take appropriate safety precautions. Let’s all work together to give the Winnipeg Circus Club the reputation of being a safe organization.

Even unpracticed beginners can behave professionally. Being safe and respectful is a good start, but remember that everything you do will influence people’s opinions about our organization. We are an all-ages club, so please dress appropriately, be polite, and try not to swear. We welcome all inquiries, whether from current members, potential members, or people interested in arranging a performance or workshop.


Ezra Lazar, President / Carlson Teakle, Past President

Karrie Blackburn, Charles Lauder, Paul Concepcion, Atom Dzaman, Seumas Gibson

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