We’ve Moved!

We’ve decided that “Central Canadian Circus Arts Club” is a bit too hard to remember – so we have changed it to “Winnipeg Circus Club”.

You can find us here now:



4 thoughts on “We’ve Moved!

  1. rosalinda amato says:

    Hi,I was hoping to get some info on your organization regarding performances for events. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discussion opportunity we may have at our school’s annual Gala event.

    1. cccaclub says:

      Hello Rosalinda! Although the Winnipeg Circus club doesn’t book shows per say, we know plenty of people who do! In the club are jugglers, acrobats, spinners, hoopers, balloon artists and at least one clown to name a few. I would be happy to point you in the right direction. Tell me about your event and I can help out. Do you have a budget you need to work with? Are you looking for multiple performers? What is the theme of your event? Looking forward to finding you the right circusy fit.

      President Charles “Sleepy” Lauder

  2. Joan Kleyh says:

    This sounds like something my granddaughter would love. You are meeting this Sunday-February 19th ? If so, we will be there !

    1. cccaclub says:

      Yes – we are meeting this Sunday from 1pm-4pm at the Broadway Neighbourhood Centre. Come by and check it out! You should also check out our upcoming annual Showcase on March 12! It’s always a lot of fun for a great price – here’s a snapshot of last year’s show https://youtu.be/oKPIBVSMZWQ

      Take care!

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