Upgraded Practices Are Now In Session!

Colder weather means another season of Circus Club practices – and this year we’ve got some upgrades!

Our new indoor slack line will give you an opportunity to practice your tightrope walking (with a bit less risk)…  and we are now participating in the Youth Juggling Academy where you can earn buttons for your juggling achievements! (http://dev.juggle.org/ija/programs/yja/)!

On any given Sunday, you will find a half dozen unicyclists practicing tricks that will blow your mind (but always willing to stop and help someone wanting to learn)… or you might have an opportunity to watch a Combat Juggling match – yes that’s actually a thing – (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra8sAP9wG-A).

Of course there’s always a group of hoopers (from beginner to expert) helping each other to learn that next amazing trick… or perhaps you are more interested in Diabolo, Staff Spinning, Poi, etc…

Whatever your interest or skill level – there’s something for you to try and learn!

We meet every Sunday at the Broadway Neighborhood Center on 185 young street from 1-4pm. Drop in fees are $5 or only $30 for an adult membership / $20 for 12 and under (which gets you free admittance to all regular meets!).


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