CCCAC Board Elections and year three!

Attention all CCCAC Members!
Now that the Mayoral elections are over, time for some REAL business: The Board of Directors Elections!
We’ve been working out a system over the summer on how to nominate and elect SIX members of the board along with keeping our past director Charles (in the future to be called a chairperson, or president, or whatever) for a total of 7 board members.  These seven individuals will help guide the club for the next fiscal year and steer the club towards its stated goals.

The elections will be held on a regular club day on November 16th throughout practice without interrupting it. Exact details will be made clear in an event page to follow.
If you’re 12 or older and a card carrying member, you can vote! If you’re under 12, you can assign a parent/guardian to vote in your place (Don’t forget to register yourself on the candy-bribe list)
If you’re over 18, you can be nominated!

Here’s how nominations work: Personally Message Isaac Girardin, Charles Lauder, or Brett Hogan, your nomination selections. You can also email your nominations to We’ll check with the selected nominations down the road to see if they will accept, and that’s that!
On the day of the elections all accepted nominations will be listed at the front door and EVERY member will be asked to fill out a ranked voting list with their six preferred candidates from the listed nominees. The top six nominees will then be chosen to form the 2014/2015 board of directors and the top individual in that ranking will be approached to become the chairperson (if they don’t accept the position, the 2nd will be asked, etc)

Please keep in mind, only FULL card carrying members may nominate, be nominated, or vote. Can you nominate yourself? Sure! Though a third party nomination is usually classier.
Please do NOT begin nominating or discussing voting preferences on the club facebook page.

Remeber to come out and vote November 16th!

Thanks in advance for your participation!

CCCAC director Charles “Sleepy” Lauder


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