Fringing your face off!

   What’s next for the wonderful members of the Central Canadian Circus Arts Club? Why the Fringe of course! Join us on the Main stage and the busking circle on Albert and cheer on your friends and fellow performers on. Our intrepid Asa, Gilon and Greg will be ring mastering the various mini showcases. I know I don’t want to miss out on Local talent. The juggling, hooping, unicycling, poi, dance and general awesomeness.  In anticipation of our foray into the fringe don’t miss this Sunday’s (July 13) special CCCAC meet and practice on the green space of the BNC (185 Young).


  So get out there and enjoy your summer. With all the festivals about and the acro-yoga workshop in August there is no shortage of fun for circus folk to find this season! 


Get out there and get your circus on! 

-CCCAC Director Charles “Sleepy” Lauder




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