The Art of the Unicycle Workshop

Hosted by the Central Canadian Circus Arts Club

This workshop will teach you how to unicycle, no matter your current skill level. Our two guest instructors will help you toward the goal of being able to confidently ride a unicycle, everything from free mounting to idling, or just getting on the darn thing. Unicycles will be supplied by the instructors but you are encouraged to bring your own, if you have one, so you get to practice using it

Our guest instructors, all the way from Brandon are Ty Worthington and Myles Magnusson.

Ty Worthington Unicycle, Juggle, Sticks, Rola Bola. Top speed: 21 km/h Ty Worthington has been unicycling for 3 1/2 years with a small group of unicyclists from Brandon, Mb. He rides many different types of unicycles from 6 foot tall multiwheel giraffes, to 36” touring unis. He has participated in parades, ride-abouts, and fundraisers through-out Brandon and has taught many people (including one of our fearless co-directors, Issac Girardin )the skills required to unicycle.

Myles Magnusson unicycle, sticks, diabolo. Top speed: 22 km/h Myles Magnusson has 3 years of unicycling experiance, including giraffe riding, long distance touring, trails, street unicycling, and the ocational backwards ride. He is also involved in parades, and fundraisers, and can often be found unicycling down the streets of Brandon MB. He has shared his talents with people of all ages and helped people on the road toward learning to ride a unicycle.

Tickets to hold your space in the workshop are available at Toad Hall Toys, 54 Arthur St, or at the CCCAC’s regular practice on August 11th.
I urge you to take advantage of this one time offer exclusively through the CCCAC.
Only $15 per member, or $20 for non-members!

11 AM – 2 PM
August 18th, 2013
Broadway Neighbourhood Centre
185 Young St

Only 25 spaces available so reserve your space today! Ages 10 and up.


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