Circus Club Meet – Open to All!

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes! The great outdoors beckons, and the Central Canadian Circus Arts Club cannot refuse! Our first ever official outdoor meet! Come one, come all and see the amazing feats our members are capable of! Learn to juggle! Make new friends!
While we won’t be turning anyone away from the open field, if you wish to borrow equipment or enter the skating rink to spin fire, you must either be a member or have paid the walk-in fee.
The walk-in fee is only $5, and if you decide to become a full member before the end of the day, that $5 goes right towards your $25 member fee.
Under 12? You need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian, so badger them relentlessly until they bring you to the club! We’ve got equipment to share and people to help you learn. And it’s fun. Really, really fun.

Sunday, June 2nd
12:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Broadway Neighbourhood Centre
185 Young St

Questions? Post on our facebook page, or email us at


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