Circus Club – Fire Safety Workshop and Practice

Summer is coming (finally) and our practices are going to begin moving outdoors. After having a meeting with the management at the BNC, they have allowed us to use their outdoor rink as a fire practice space.

That said, there are some rules. We have assured the management at the BNC that proper safety precautions will take place whenever a fire practice occurs. One part of that is assembling a proper safety gear kit, which we have done, and have ready. The second, and more important part, is the training to use it and the habits and systems that reduce the chance of anyone actually needing it.

This next practice, I will be holding our first “Fire Safety” workshop for spinners and jugglers. As part of our agreement with the BNC, any fire practice must have a member overseeing it that has taken this safety workshop.

You don’t HAVE to take the safety workshop, but if someone isn’t on site who has, a fire practice will not be allowed, so it’s in everyone’s best interest to create a large pool of members who have taken this course.

The workshop will be going over many of the basics, some common sense (not as common as you may think) best practices, and have a hands on portion as well.

This workshop is FREE so I highly encourage any members who want to be part of it to come out.

The workshop will begin at 1pm, and hopefully, end at 2pm. After 2pm, if everything is on schedule, I hope to have our first fire practice!

NOTE: I know fire isn’t as spectacular during the day, but it can still be excellent practice, as you’re not distracted or intimidated by the bright light or seemingly large flame. I know it’s what I like to do when trying new things.



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