AGM Update

So we had our AGM after the last meet, and I figured I should just drop a line on what was discussed, issues brought up, and plans going forward. Thanks to everyone who had the time to make it out!
This is what was discussed, roughly in order of importance. Additionally, all the issues listed below we’re agreed upon via consensus not just by the Admin team, but by the membership that attended as well.

A – Showcase Report:
Our showcase was a HUGE success and the funds raised by it essentially guarantee we can survive as a club until the next influx of membership renewals in November. Yay!

B – Summer Plan:
We will continue meeting at the BNC all summer long on the same 2-week schedule. The only change being that we will meet outdoors. However, we will have access to indoor bathrooms, and should the weather disagree with us, we will shift our practice into the Gym without issue.
While we could save a bit of money by postponing practices until the winter, the BNC is giving us an excellent deal for the summer, and more importantly, we’d like to keep the continuity and sense of community alive, year round. We have been noticed and are beginning to make an impact in the West Broadway community with potential for growth. That’s a good thing. While we won’t be able to enforce drop in rates outdoors, only members will have access to our gear, and when we go indoors, that’s a different story.

#1. Major Project – Incorporation
Asa and I will be looking at proper incorporation and begin taking the first steps towards official “Non-Profit” status. This will NOT be a quick job and likely won’t be done until around this same time next year or later. HOWEVER, once it’s done, it will ensure that our club can survive beyond the individuals which may currently guide it. We’re planning our own obsolescence! Yay!

#1A. Elections
As part of the game plan for incorporation, we will need to hold some elections for the admin team positions. We’d like to begin holding elections in this basic form by November. This is to ensure that we do not “burn-out” our admin members and that everyone gets a sense of how we operate. The plan would be to rotate positions at the admin level with the “Old” training the “New”.

#2. Moderate Project – Website Updates
We’d like to officially purchase and maintain a proper website instead of a wordpress linked website. This will require hiring a “Webmaster” to ensure regular updates and designs are coordinated and consistent. As Tara Smilinski has already been performing a majority of our postering, design, and many techy things, she is our first choice. Additionally there would be a monthly or yearly cost to maintaining the hosting and name, probably in the $100-$150/year area.

It’s no secret that we have several performers amongst our membership that provide services to a variety of clients. Due to our current structure, the club almost appears to be an “Agency” of sorts. We do not want that job or responsibility. As part of this website endeavor, we’d like to set up a basic performers directory so that any potential clients that find us, can contact YOU the performers, instead of US the club. Our idea would be to offer these three services on a single “Performer Directory” page.
1- Free Package: A free PDF with Names, basic skills, and Contact info, of all members. You want to perform, you’re in this info sheet, you don’t want to, you’re not.
2 – Basic Package: Name, Photo, 50 word bio/description, contact info. – $25 (approx.)
3 – Premium Package: Basic Package + “Click a Link” to your own page with additional info, complete show description, possibly embedded video, etc. Your own page. $75-$100 (approx, dependent on Soloist, Group, or Company)

#3. Minor Projects – Summer Workshops
Some thoughts that came up would be to bring out a Juggling Workshop, a Unicycle Workshop, and an Improv Workshop, roughly 1 per month for the summer. That we can can touch on a “Basic Skill”, “Quirky Skill”, and “Performance Skill”.

#4. Minor Project – Summer Show
A fire show? A family BBQ show? Collaborating with the BNC? Who knows! We thought it’d be a good idea though.

Additional notes: Fire Practice Space
It was brought up that it would be nice to have our meets include a safe place for fire practices. While we certainly don’t encourage fire play, we understand that many of our members enjoy it, and some may want to explore it. We will be talking to the BNC about approving this and keeping everybody up to date on it’s progress.
-IF we receive approval for fire practices, the club will need to purchase a proper safety gear kit, as well as setup a series of strict regulations to be enforced during that time.


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